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Photoluminescent Safety Products
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Provides safety lighting following power failures.

Under normal conditions, electrical lighting illuminates hallways, exits, egress routes and safety signs to assist with an evacuation. Unforeseen natural or man-made events such as storms, fires, explosions create facility-wide power failures. If the back-up generator or battery powered lighting fails, all exits, stairways and safety signs would lie in darkness! 

Power failures and fires create havoc during a building evacuation. High performance photoluminescent (HPPL) safety signs and path markers deliver instant safety lighting to aid egress during power failures.  


Why Photoluminescent?            

  • Works instantly during a power failure
  • Aids egress in a smoke filled environment
  • Always reliable
  • Recharges in 1/2 hr. Glows for +10 hrs.
  • Non-electric and cost effective 
  • Recharges indefinitely
  • Environmentally friendly

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Photoluminescent products are made of naturally occurring light storing/emitting particles that are non-toxic and non-radioactive.

Environmentally safe and  very cost effective, photoluminescent products reduce utility cost conventionally used by electrically powered safety signs.


As safety products, they instantly illuminate during a blackout and are easily legible for the duration of your evacuation.  A minimum of 1/2 hour light absorption from a normal ambient light source is all that is necessary to illuminate the signs and markers for many hours 


The PictoGlow™ product line offers building owners, managers and designers the widest range of quality photoluminescent safety products. Based on strontium aluminate oxide pigments, PictoGlow™ products glow longer and brighter and are generally agreed to be 1000% more efficient than the glow-in the-dark novelty items we are all accustomed to.    


The remarkable 'Glow-In-The-Dark' properties of our new evacuation maps offers the highest after-glow luminance found on the market. 

Our team of trained experts are ready to help you with individual product support or a full systems installation. With growing national sales representation, call toll free for support in your region.

For satisfactory performance photoluminescent materials require initial activation from a good light source.

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