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To Purchase
Step 1
Obtain a Quote for your project:
  • Building evacuation maps and diagrams 
    Please complete the 'Quick-Quote' form and a quote will be sent to you in 1-2 business days. Multi-facility signage projects will require that information for each building be submitted on a separate form. 
  • Photoluminescent products  
    Hundreds of code specific photoluminescent products are available. Please contact us regarding your specific needs. Product prices and data sheets will be sent on request. 
    Custom sign orders are welcome.

Step 2
If proceding with an order:


Custom sign orders
Custom sign orders will require a deposit with a signed purchase order. Balance of payment is due following final verivifcation of completed EvacMap drawing(s) and prior to shipping.

Custom EvacMap orders require that safety data and floor plans be efficiently supplied by the client, without unreasonable delays or unwarranted revision, following the commencement of a project. We recognize that the purchaser may require project approval from committees or colleagues and that this might create a delay. Balance of payment is due 30 days after payment of the deposit. Projects with lengthy delays can be temporarily halted and legitimate delays can be negotiated.

Stock item orders
All new clients ordering stock item product require full payment in advance. Net 30 day payment terms may be extended to clients on a case by case basis pending credit approval. Please contact our office for credit application and additional details.

Payment Methods
  • Credit Card, Money Order, Certified Check, Bank Draft, or Wire Transfer. 
    (Visa and Mastercard - print form and return by fax (514-313-5563) to our office for call-in processing.)
  • Credit cards listed with financial institutes outside North America are not accepted. Please contact us for payment options. 


Shipping / Freight
Unless noted otherwise, shipments will be made F.O.B. PictoGraphix in Montreal. Shipping charges are added to the invoice or shipped on the client courier account. All products shipped best way unless special shipping instructions are requested. Drop shipments or special order items may incur additional shipping charges.



Photoluminescent signs and markers are designed to function normally for 20 years or more. A 10 year manufacturers' warranty is offered on all photoluminescent products.

Evacuation signs with omissions or errors created on our part, will be revised and shipped free of charge. Similarly any frame or laminated drawing that upon arrival is deemed damaged (not as a result of shipping), or defective in any way shall be exchanged and all shipping expenses incurred will be paid for by PictoGraphix


  • All damaged products must be reported to PictoGraphix Inc. and the transport company/courier within 24 hours of the receipt of goods for reimbursement. (For additional information, please refer to Terms and Conditions on Order Form.) 
  • As there are no refunds for custom drawings or signs, PictoGraphix has set up an in-house and client based data checking system which includes online access to our server for drawing verification. All drawings are shipped only after verification steps have been completed and the client is satisfied with the final product.
  • Clients will be charged $65/hr. for revisions that were not the fault PictoGraphix. All shipping costs associated with these revisions will be paid for by the client.

We try to hold our prices stable and to offer the best price possible. Periodic price increases are possible due to the nature and scarcity of specialty raw materials. We reserve the right to alter prices based on the availability and access of raw materials, unexpected increases in manufacturing costs, currency fluctuation, transportation costs or any unforeseen event that adversely affect our production costs. 

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International:  514-369-2444

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