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Photoluminescent Exit Signs - UL 924 Listed
All-Aluminum Exit Signs


Pictographix UL924 photoluminescent exit signs are made of all-aluminum components (no plastics) offering:

  • lightweigtht design
  • material stability (signs do not warp)
  • superior heat resistance > 400 °F (plastic melts >250 °F)
  • long-term durability

The surface mount FL2 Series photoluminescent exit signs offer a frameless design, lightweight construction and come with 4 screw holes for wall surface fastening. Two photoluminescent field installed aluminum chevrons (arrows) accompany each exit sign. Signs are available in Green or Red background color and photoluminescent graphics. 

The double-sided UCO3-UCO4 Box Series double or single-sided photoluminescent exit signs offer a frameless design unique in the industry. Two photoluminescent field installed chevrons (arrows) accompany each exit sign. Signs are available in Green, Red or brushed aluminum background color and photoluminescent graphics.


UL 924 Listed Photoluminescent Exit Sign Models
(starting at $75.00)






       Surface Mount FL Series                                           Box Mount Series 


Photoluminescent Exit Sign Specifications sheets:

Why Photoluminescent Exit Signs? 

Save on electrical consumption: 
Photoluminescent Exit signs are Non-Electric enabeling lowers utility costs (save $20-$40/sign per year!).

Save on maintenance costs 
Photoluminescent Exit signs will perform for 20 years or more - no more bulbs to replace, maintenance costs are lowered.

Save on installation costs -no wiring
Convenient for new construction or in newly renovated buildings

Photoluminescent Exit Signs meet all building code requirements
FNFPA, IMO, APTA, SCC (mandatory in some states, e.g.-new construction in California).

UL Approved for 50' or 75' viewing distance
UL and ULC 924 Listed Photoluminescent Exit Sign

Durable All-aluminum construction 
Aluminum signs produce no toxic vapors if burned -meets all safety standards.
Offering the widest selection of casement and sign variations on the market

Photoluminescent Exit Signs are Environmentally Safe and LEED Qualified
Non-Toxic, non-radioactive, recharges indefinitely -no battery disposal, conserves energy

5 year warranty
20 year plus life expectancy.  


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