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Photoluminescent Signs and Markers - Aluminum construction
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The Benefits of All-Aluminum Photoluminescent Products

The EvacGlow™ photoluminescent product line is designed to meet the varied requirements demanded by industry professionals world-wide. All products exceed regulatory safety standards and are manufactured using quality, high performance materials.

Fire Retardant Metal Substrates
all-aluminum path delineation systems offer a powerful strontium based photoluminescent mixture baked onto low profile aluminum plates - absolutely no plastics used. The unique scratch, chemical and heat / fire resistant properties make PictoGlow™ products ideal for installation in any commercial or industrial facility.

Anti-Slip features offer Added Safety
Lab tested floor and stair markers ensure conformity with established building and safety codes. In fact , our stair tread markers exceed the coefficient of friction requirements set by OSHA and ADA for wet and dry conditions.  


Durability - Easy Maintenance and Installation 
Local codes (NYC Local Law 26 and others) will require annual inspection of photoluminescent wayfinding systems to maintain certification. Over the long run, quality all-alluminum products offer better durability and minimize maintenance and yearly replacement costs. Mechanical and high-bond adhesive mounting options are available to securely fasten products to concrete, wood, metal or plastered surfaces.


  • Higher brightness rating - provides extended visibility in darkness
  • Promotes faster evacuation
  • Offers increased safety during egress
  • Anti-slip surface on floor/stair markers performs under wet or dry conditions 
  • Anti-slip surface on floor/stair markers exceed OSHA and ADA requirements
  • Easy floor / wall marker installation - mechanical or adhesive method
  • All-aluminum construction  
  • Easy maintenance - chemical and fire resistant
  • Durable & longer lasting, easily washable, non-abrasive anti-slip surface 


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