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Photoluminescent Signs and Path Markers

UL 1994 Photoluminescent Safety Signs - Path Markers

Photoluminescent Signs - Fire safety Signs - 1994 Path Markers - Stair Treads

Photoluminescent Products Increase Safety & Reduce Energy Consumption 

The EvacMap line of photoluminescent exit signs, photoluminescent path markers and safety signs deliver consistent and immediate illumination following power failures. Photoluminescent exit signs and safety products do not consume electricity, recharge indefinitely and are LEED qualified. A wide selection of all-aluminum photoluminescent exit signs and markers including custom signs are offered. With several choices of luminance levels available, our selection of photoluminescent signs and markers are designed to meet and exceed standards for APTA, IMO, IBC - New York Buildings Department MEA listed  photoluminescent products available for Local Law 26Custom orders welcome.

UL 1994 listed Photoluminescent Markers, Signs and Stair Components 


   Photoluminescent path marking system    * MEA & UL 1994 Listed
    (All-aluminum construction) 

  - Photoluminescent wall / floor perimeter demarcation strips, (1"- 2")
 - Photoluminescent Stair nosings, leading edge demarcation strips
- Curved photoluminescent handrail markers
 - Photoluminescent door frame and obstacle markers
 - Photoluminescent door and wall signs
 - Strips are easily cut with utility scissors
 - Provided with or without PSA (adhesive) or fasten mechanically 


   Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs    * MEA Listed
   (All-aluminum construction)

  - Visible for hours in total darkness
  - No power required
  - Promotes faster evacuation
  - All-aluminum construction - fire retardant
  - Long lasting and durable
   - Meets all building code requirements
   - Provided with PSA (adhesive) or fastens mechanically


  Photoluminescent Stair Treads Covers        * MEA & UL 1994 Listed
    (All-aluminum construction)
  - Powerful photoluminescent strips imbedded into treads
  - Abrasive anti-slip tracks and step numbering system
  - Wide selection of track styles and options
  - All-aluminum construction - fire retardant
  - Designed to exceed all code requirements
  - Easy to install and maintain - long lasting


   Photoluminescent ADA and Staircase Identification Signs 

  - ADA compliant staircase ID signs and Exit access placards 
  - Required for all High-Rise buildings (7 stories or higher)
  - Tactile (raised) letters and Raster 2 Braille
  - Photoluminescent or colored background option
  - Complies with ADA, California Building Code Section 1003.2.8.6 and
    CC/ANSI A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.

  - ADA room signs and custom orders welcome 


  New York City (MEA) Photoluminescent signs/markers 
  *NYC LL 26, RS 6-1 MEA Listed - tested for:

   -Toxic Gas Generation
   -Flame Spread
   -Brightness Rating 




     Photoluminescent Buildings Guide Available

    - Full list of photoluminescent products
    - Custom photoluminescent signs and special order manufacturing
    - Distributors welcome




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 Toll Free: 1-800-504-3822 for immediate assistance.


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