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Photoluminescent Building Evacuation Maps
Deliver Your Safety Information ... in Total Darkness!


EvacMap building evacuation maps deliver your safety information under normal or blackout contitions. Storms, fires and man-made disasters can quickly knock out power in buildings and creating havoc during egress.  Emergency lighting systems relying on back-up power generators or batteries are expensive to install, maintain and are not 100% reliable.

Photoluminescent EvacMaps deliver safety information under normal and black-out conditions. Charged by light-storing and emitting phosphorescent material, photoluminescent safety signs exit signs and markers instantly illuminate following a power failure. Non-electric and environmentally safe, self charging luminous signs increase building occupant safety levels. 

PL EvacMaps are really two signs in one with safety instructions delivery under normal and blackout conditions. 

Numerous Holder Options  >>Download Catalogue<<  
Photoluminescent Evacuation Plan Holders starting at $60/unit (Metal Trim & High-Glow Aluminum)

Power failures no match for New EvacMap Sign Casement!




Advanced photoluminescent signs deliver hours of illumination.

PictoGlow EvacMaps out-last competing products because we add an extra coat of photoluminescent formuation to the photoluminescent backer. Our photoluminescent signs exceed all national and international standards because they contain more photoluminescent pigment than compteing sign products. Your signs are guaranteed to i
lluminate for hours following a black-out!  Suitable for all buildings!

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