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Photoluminescent Safety Products
Delivering reliability when needed most.

Fires, storms or earthquakes can quickly knock out power. If lighting systems fail, powerful photoluminescent pigments in Visible Safety™ signs, stair and path marking systems provide immediate safety lighting. High performance photoluminescent (HPPL) signs and photoluminescent path markers are non-electric, environmentally safe and when charged under normal lighting conditions are visible for hours in total darkness.Egress through smoke filled conditions is greatly improved. 

Save on electrical consumption by using photoluminescent exit signs.

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'Glows' Immediately following a black out
Following the terrorist attacks on the World trade Center, New York City (1993) and the subsequent failure of the emergency back-up lighting systems, photoluminescent safety way guidance systems were promptly installed in all stairwells. The World Trade Center disaster in 2001 further highlighted the need for photoluminescent markers and directional signs in high-rise buildings. By July 2006,  the new Local Law 26 in New York City will require that all commercial high-rise buildings (75 feet or higher) be fully equiped with photluminescent signs and stair markers.

As photoluminescent (PL) safety products become a recognized solution for "failsafe" emergency egress lighting, numerous municipalities including federal, state and regulatory agencies suvch as the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), have followed suit and are studying or have implemented the use of PL wayfinding systems. 

Safety codes in many European countries have long required PL safety signs in buildings, ships and other facilities. With a proven track record, changing building codes and increased safety awareness, many distinguished facilities across North America have already installed PL wayfinding systems.       

" if your lighting system fails, you won't be left in the dark".

  • Photoluminescent Evacuation Maps offer building occupants immediate instructions regarding emergency evacuation during power failures. Economy, high design aluminum or custom sized casements are available.
  • Photoluminescent Path and Stair and Markers are manufactured using rigid aluminum substrates. Anti-slip stair tread markers offer additional safety. With a powerful 'afterglow' and durable ceramic-like surface; PL path markers delineate egress routes in buildings, trains or ships and meet all respective code requirements.
  • Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs
    Manufactured using 'high performance photoluminescent pigments' and fire retardant aluminum substrates. Hundreds of code compliant safety signs designed for industry sectors, including; buildings, rail and marine application.
    (UL, Loyds of London listed, IMO, APTA compliant)
  • Photoluminescent EXIT signs.  Numerous styles (UL / ULC 924 listed)

  • Custom Orders Welcome:  signs, markers, safety treads or thin film composites

With self-activation immediately following a power failure, only advanced photoluminescent products deliver safety lighting with unquestionable reliability. Non-electric and reliable for over 20 years, photoluminescent products instantly release stored light energy during a blackout; recharging in minutes once power is restored. Advanced strontium based photoluminescent products provide hours of visibility when fully charged. 

Rising smoke during a fire can obscure directional signs and bright emergency lights can hinder visibility in smoke filled rooms. Low level PL Directional Markers and PL Signs direct building occupants to safety in smoke and darkness.

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