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Building Evacuation Plans, Safety Maps and Floor Plan Diagrams
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Did you know ... most people have difficulty interpreting maps and floor plans?

Occupants and visitors to hotels, hospitals, office and university buildings are typically presented with building evacuation diagrams and numerous evacuation route options. Travelling down interconnected hallways, corridors and staircases; sometimes in the dark, occupants can get trapped in dead-end passageways or waste valuable time reaching safety. Building occupants require signage that delivers clear and precise information regarding where they are located and how to evacuate the building.

An effective building evacuation diagram requires legible text, floor plan layout and recognizable safety icons.

Improved floor plan clarity increases occupant response time during an evacuation. 

Floor plan diagrams with depth of field and improved viewer perspective allows for better orientation. With better orientation and a clear direction to egress, viewer response time during a crisis is increased.   

Pictographix 2D and 3D Building Evacuation Maps deliver:

  • Code Compliance.
  • Customized to your facility and aesthetic requirements.
  • Professionally designed to deliver maximum legibility and precision. 

Backed by 14 Years of Expertise
As a leading provider of building evacuation signs and services, Pictographix has created thousands of building evacuation maps for satisfied clients across North America. Leading sign companies use our services to deliver an exceptional product to their clients. Turnkey services offered with hard to find sign holders and custom printed plaques/displays manufactured to specification... follow the link below to request a Free Quote or call Toll Free (1800-504-3822) for more information.

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